Some fabrication shops utilize plasma cutting in their production while others employ water-jet. At Moser Energy Systems, we use state-of-the-art laser technology in our production. 

As a Wyoming based company with international credibility, Moser Energy Systems uses advanced laser technology to create an efficient workflow that enables us to get any job done quickly and precisely. Centrally located in the Rocky Mountain West region, Moser Energy Systems is your go-to source for professional fabrication. With proven capabilities in fabrication and design as well as in-house freight and interstate access, you can be guaranteed swift and reliable production and delivery. 


• Plasma application is limited in scope by the material it can cut as well as the range of cuts it can perform.

• Laser technology can be used to cut a variety of materials and has a wider range of application. 

• Laser outperforms plasma in capability, efficiency, and cost. 


• Water jet cutting is rarely limited by materials and is often employed to cut extremely thick materials; however, this process is incredibly noisy and produces a high amount of cutting waste and loss of precision. 

• Laser technology matches water jet cutting in all capabilities except thickness, but is considerably faster, safer, and cleaner to operate. 

• Laser outperforms water jet in efficiency, safety, and cost.


With our proven blend of capability and experience, Moser Energy Systems’ full service and custom fabrication shop is sure to impress. Whether you need MIG, TIG, stick, or braze welding, we will help you realize your fabrication dreams in a variety of materials: stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, or chromoly. 


When it comes to discussing brake options and limitations, answers vary and depend on the scope of the work. At Moser Energy Systems, we fabricate and bend shapes to customer specifications and our capabilities are multifaceted with few limitations.


In our 16x16x30 onsite paint booth, our direct fired air handler bakes at 160 °F for a durable and long lasting finish. With a range of color options and finishes to choose from, as well as paint matching abilities, Moser can put the finishing touches on your custom project.

Please contact us for details on any specific questions you may have!