Moser Energy Systems was founded in 1973 by Jim & Kathy Moser. Randy Moser continues as the President of the Casper-based company. The Moser team is the leader in engineering, manufacturing, and servicing industrial prime power, natural gas generators. Moser Energy Systems began manufacturing natural-gas-powered generators in 2009, changing the way oil and gas operators make use of unwanted natural gas from oil wells, a resource normally burned off in a process called flaring. Instead of flaring unwanted natural gas, operators can enlist a Moser generator package to generate electricity for their well pad, a job usually done by engines powered by diesel, at a fraction of the cost. Moser Energy Systems has over 13 million run hours in the field on wellhead gas, which is more than any other company in North America.

Moser Energy Systems manufactures, sells, and leases natural gas generators. Moser has over 40 years of experience with the most natural gas run-hours in the oil and gas industry. Moser has the power solution for your site and facility needs.

Proudly providing power to these local events in Casper, Wy - Bear Trap, Eclipse Festival, Nic Fest, Ghost town Gumbo Cook Off, and many more.

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Mobility & Flexibility

Designed and built...................

Power Range

Moser units range from 45 kW to 350 kW and can be paralleled together to generate multiple megawatts depending on your site’s needs.

Return On Investment

Moser natural gas generators significantly reduce your fuel and overhead costs when compared to diesel generators.


Since 1973, the Moser family has placed quality customer service before anything else, helping them to become the largest associated gas generator manufacturing and leasing company in North America. Moser has over 6 million run-hours throughout the world’s oilfields.


Our focus on customer satisfaction goes beyond our assembly line. Not only do we design and manufacture our generators. We also maintain our own fleet with Moser staff at the field level with service and scheduled maintenance. Additionally, we offer true 24-hour service and support to our customers.


Whether your site has hot gas, sour gas, high elevation or bad weather, Moser generators have been engineered to last.

Remote Monitoring

Track a single unit or an entire fleet via the Internet or smart phone. Have time stamped engine and GPS data at your fingertips via the Internet or smart phone. We help protect your investment with high-tech monitoring equipment.


Dispersed from Canada to Ecuador, Moser associated gas generators have been tried in the harshest conditions of the oilfield and have been fine-tuned to maximize reliability.